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Lab Grown Diamonds - up to 60% savings compared to earth mined stones!

Whether you’ve seen a lab grown diamond ring you like elsewhere or already know what you want, we will beat any genuine quotation whilst guiding you through every step of the process.

Visibly identical to mined diamonds

Lab grown diamonds possess identical physical, chemical, and visual characteristics to those of naturally mined diamonds. This similarity extends to their luster and sparkle, rendering them visually indistinguishable from diamonds excavated from the Earth.

Superior quality

Lab grown diamonds often provide superior clarity and purity compared to natural stones. The precise, controlled conditions under which they are created minimize the presence of inclusions and blemishes, yielding a more immaculate and flawless gem.

Ethically sourced

Β Lab grown diamonds are produced in controlled conditions that are humane, removing the concerns related to ‘blood diamonds’ and the exploitation of workers often associated with diamond mining practices.

Environmentally sustainable

Β The extraction process in diamond mining can harm ecosystems and adversely affect local communities. In contrast, lab grown diamonds are produced without causing these detrimental effects, positioning them as a sustainable and environmentally conscious choice.

Budget friendly

Being up to 60% less expensive than their natural counterparts, lab grown diamonds present a cost-effective option for your engagement ring. This price advantage allows for the possibility of selecting a larger or higher-quality diamond within the same budget.

More choice

The manufacturing process increases the variety of available colours and qualities. Previously, specific colours and grades of diamonds were rare and expensive. Lab-grown diamonds transcend these constraints, offering an extensive selection of options.


Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings Handcrafted in Leeds

Work with Leodis Diamonds to create a truly unique lab grown diamond engagement ring, or start with a design from our collection and put your mark on it.Β 


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Our Leeds based goldsmith has over 35 years of experience with stone setting and working with precious metals, so we can produce the finest quality bespoke lab grown diamond engagement rings to be enjoyed for generations.

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Tom provided a very informative and personal consultation. He talked me through the steps from start to finish. Once we agreed on the finer details (Read More)

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Tom has given an excellent service throughout the entire process. He had been incredibly professional and particularly patient. (Read More)

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Tom is an absolute dream to work with. After working with him for our engagement ring, it was a no brainer to come back and work with him for our wedding rings. (Read More)

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Bespoke Lab Grown Engagement Ring

Work with us and turn your imagination into reality with our bespoke lab grown engagement ring design service. We’ll guide you through each step of the bespoke design process including the initial design consultation, selecting the best stones, prototyping and finally, crafting the perfect lab grown diamond ring.






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